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A robotic vacuum cleaner, sometimes known as robovac, is a spontaneous robotic vacuum cleaner that has intellectual programming and a confined vacuum cleaning system. This device is “self-motivated” without human direction via manually remote control. This device wipes out the dust autonomously. Some device use circular brushes to come at tight corners. Others accumulate a number of washing characteristic (mopping, UV sterilization, etc.) simultaneous to vacuuming, thus transferring the machine into more than just a robot “vacuum” cleaner.

Background of robotic vacuum cleaner.

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“Electrolux Trilobite” was the first robotic vacuum cleaner to put into production which was invented by the Swedish household and professional appliances manufacturer, Electrolux. James Dizon who was its inventor, sold it to Electrolux hence they are successful. One of Electrolux’s first versions of the Trilobite vacuum was characterized on the BBC’s science program in 1996. The British technology company Dyson invented and exhibited a robot vacuum named the DC 06 in 2001. The American advanced technology company, iRobot exhibited the Roomba floor vacuuming robot in 2002. The Roomba became a large consumer attraction overnight. IRobot manufactured 50,000 products to fulfill the holyday demand. Major reputed retailers such as Target, Kohl’s and Linens’n Things started to sell the Roomba. Dyson declared the free of its new robotic vacuum named Dyson 360 Eye, furnished with a 360-degree camera that is placed on the peak of the robot vacuum cleaner and is suspected to give a better advantage than other brands. Dyson is dominating the robotic vacuum market towards the goals of acquiring a credible and able unit. The company is inspecting robotics and AI to manufacture the best robot vacuum cleaners in the next years. It has launched to build a new campus in UK. 

It was estimated that 20% of vacuum cleaners are robots within 2016.

It was also estimated that 23% of vacuum cleaners are robots within 2017.                                                           


How does robot vacuum cleaner work?