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Consuming an adequate amount of water is essential for our digestive health. As far as possible, we will try to drink outside of meals so as not to obstruct the gastric processesDigestion is essential to maintain a healthy body. This is the process that converts the food we consume into energy, which helps us to be able to perform our daily tasks.This means that when your digestive health has problems, your body does not get the energy it needs.Bad digestion is also causing diseases such as gastritis or gastric reflux, among others. The digestive system and its behaviour are directly related to various environmental factors, food and stress.Follow these six tips and improve your digestive health naturally and quickly.1. Consume enough fibreFiber is a vegetable component that favours the digestion of food.When you consume it in the right amount, it helps the body to process food better. This means that it helps to avoid constipation.Fiber is found in vegetables, whole grains and fruits. A diet rich in fibre is highly beneficial to avoid diseases such as colon cancer and diabetes.Also, fibre is also used to promote weight control, because it generates a feeling of fullness and prevents you from eating too much.The best way to consume fibre is to include natural foods such as whole grains and green leafy vegetables.2. Chew your food wellThe form and time you chew your food are extremely important to improve digestive health.We usually think that the digestive process starts at the moment when food reaches the stomach.This is incorrect because, from the moment you introduce food to your mouth, your brain begins the segregation of saliva.With this process digestion and absorption of nutrients begins.Now, when you chew up too fast, you do not give your brain time to send the order of satiety.This results in greater food intake than you need. The goal is that you give yourself the time to enjoy the flavours and chew them calmly.If you are starting a new diet and you feel that you are not eating enough, try increasing the time you chew.This is usually enough to start seeing results without affecting your diet.3. Drink enough waterDrinking the right amount of water helps you to have healthier and smoother skin. At the same time, your digestive health improves because you facilitate the elimination of waste that your body does not need.Think that if you consume more fats and little fibre, drinking enough water will be essential to balance a little. Of course, the idea is to reduce the consumption of fats and increase the fibre.If you do this, the water will facilitate the cleansing of the intestine, the pancreas, kidneys and other organs.4. Controls stressStress is often reflected in your digestive health and is usually one of the causes of bad habits.Surely it has happened to you that,  when you feel anxiety, you usually eat unhealthy foods like sweets, sodas or fried foods.To combat stress, it is important that:Increase the amount and frequency of exercise. How much exercise do you usually do? If you are one of those who never takes anything or only walks once or twice a week, the frequency increases to half an hour a day.Eat few chips. For the moments of craving, choose a good handful of nuts or a serving of fruit rich in fibre.If you choose the second alternative, it is recommended that you consume the whole fruit. By liquefying it, much of the natural fibre it contains is lost.