One consequences is by the grace of God.

One reason the days are so important to the story of creation is because the world in
which we live our lives is marked by the constant pattern of days we experience as a week. It is
within this basic rhythm of time that we must find our meaning and fulfill our purpose as
divinely created beings. The creation story can help us in our own time to find our meaning and
purpose as well. Because the days of the week reflect the rhythmic pattern of our lives, they are
presented as the literary structure of the creation account in Genesis 1. It is a well-thought-out,
structurally precise pattern. Like most ancient Hebrew poetry, it seeks to rhyme, not words or
sounds, but ideas. Read Genesis 1 carefully. Note how in each of the first three days God creates
a place and then goes back to each of those places in days 4–6 to fill them with the things that
call them home. Days 4–6 are the “rhymes” that make this story poetic.

Original sin is an Augustine Christian doctrine that says that everyone is born sinful. This
means that they are born with a built-in urge to do bad things and to disobey God. It is an
important doctrine within the Roman Catholic Church. The concept of Original Sin was
explained in depth by St Augustine and formalised as part of Roman Catholic doctrine by the
Councils of Trent in the 16th Century.

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Original sin is not just this inherited spiritual disease or defect in human nature; it’s also the
‘condemnation’ that goes with that fault. Some Christians believe that human beings can’t cure
themselves of original sin. The only way they can be saved from its consequences is by the grace
of God. The only way people can receive God’s grace is by accepting his love and forgiveness,
believing that Jesus Christ died on the cross to redeem their sins, and getting baptised.

Christ himself is so humbled and is so respectful as the way he enters into Jerusalem on a
donkey as a sign of peace. Jesus entered being humbled and showing no threat as all he wanted
to do was spread peace, the word of the Lord, and to go and heal others in need whether being in
physical, spirtual or mental health issues. Christ does anything in his power to make sure of that
we are going in the correct path of the Kingdom of God. Jesus was set to be crucified to save us
from sin. He himself put his life to death just to ensure that we are forgiven of Original Sin. He
resurrected to come and tell us of the works of God and to tell us that we shall listen, follow the
path of the kingdom of God as all of the suffering and pain that we all are going through will be
healed as God has a plan and journey for all of us.

We are called to becoming respectful and peaceful young men today. Attending school
and showing the light of the way to others. Helping others that aren’t fortunate as others and
making sure that all people are treated well. The power to respect is to never disrespect and as
long as we show love, and forgiveness to others we will be fine. Unfortunately suffering and pain
is something all of us has gone through but has created us to be the great human being we are
today. Being put through so many tough obstacles and being pushed to the limit is the price we
have to pay when wanting to follow into the Kingdom of God.