Tegan Under Feet Like Ours they changed their

Tegan and Sara are a Canadian indie pop music group. The
twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin composed the group in 1998. The two of them
were in a band called Plunk at the age of 15 the band didn’t have a drummer or
a bass player. The first demos they had recorded were Who’s in Your Band and
Play Day which was recorded in their school’s recording studio in 1997. Their
first professional demo was recorded in 1998 after winning Calgary’s “Garage Warz”
competition. Under Feet Like Ours was independently released under the name “Sara
and Tegan” and was also produced by Jared Kuemper. After Under Feet Like Ours
they changed their name to “Tegan and Sara” due to the misunderstanding that
they were a solo act with the name “Sara Antegan”. Since they signed with Neil
Young’s Vaper Records they have gone on many tours. In 2002 they released their
third album and then in 2004 they had released their fourth album which both was
released through Vaper and Sanctuary. The they released two more albums The Con
and Sainthood. After they gained more fame in the music industry they were in a
photo with a sign saying, “The rights of the minority should never be subject
to the whim of the majority” which was the cover for the “Protest” issue of
Under the Radar. While they were in Canada they both were supporting the students
in Quebec in the protest they had against the provincial government. Punk
rocker Laura Jane Grace has also been supported by the two for being transgender.
Instead of boycotting Tegan and Sara performed at The Orange Peel and donated
the money they raised to Equality North Carolina in 2016. Due to them being
openly gay and the more audience, they have gained a bigger profile in the
LGBTQ+ community. At the GLAAD Media Awards, they were awarded Outstanding
Music Artist, which they beat high profile people in the category like Elton
John or Lady Gaga and more. They also performed at Younge-Dundas Square in
downtown Toronto after joining WorlPride on June 2014. After all these years
they are still going strong and supporting other as the go along.