The in distress, walking frantically as he torments

The coherent zooming
and panning close up shots of John Doe’s face contrasts with Mills’ face, calm
and collective whilst Mills is in distress, walking frantically as he torments
him. Though Doe is shown to be inferior, on his knees, to the detectives, the
wide shot portrays otherwise displaying Doe’s ability to maintain power using
his manipulative manner. The gun can be seen as a threatening item drawing the
imminent violence of the film with the mid-shot of Mills pointing it towards Doe.

This suggests another expression of power and authority. At this point, the audience
is left with apprehension as they are unaware of what Mills will do – will he stay
morally just as a detective or will he succumb to the seven deadly sin ‘wrath’
that Doe wishes for. Somerset’s fearful expression is depicted in a close up
shot as he too is unaware of the magnitude of his partner’s rage. 

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