This by paying full attention to the lecturer.

This is an open secret that development of mobile phone had achieved a peak in the past 10 years.  Followed by this rapid development, impact given by this invention is altering from generation to generation. As a 90’s generation, we witness the transformation of traditional mobile phone to modern smartphone. Obviously, presence of new technology will bring changes to the society. Same goes for education, present of smartphone altered the environment of study and this trigger change to communication method. Alarmingly, followed by the advancement of this technology more and more negative impact had already flowed out. The most vital problem is addiction toward smart devices. This not just only induce physical damage to our body but also mentally. Many people are addicted to their smartphones and it disturb their academic performance and social life. (Griffiths, 2013).  Once again, usage of a cell phone in class triggered few significant issues, such as distraction, lack of privacy, and so on.

Obviously, addiction on cell phone is the most unacceptable issue. This is because as a professional and mature student we should show our professionalism by paying full attention to the lecturer. If this problem, remain unsolved this will ultimately affect academic performance of a student and future affect social behaviour of a student. Nevertheless, paying attention to the lecture also very important as this is a sign of respecting the lecturer. Besides that, paying attention doing note during lecture will benefit a student as they have more than one subject that needed to cope with. By doing own note will make revision process easier. This increases the efficiency of study and enables a student to achieve better academic performance. Therefore, there is a necessity to alter this condition before it becomes worse.   

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1.1  Purpose and Objectives

The research is used to determine the level of addiction on usage of smartphone among foundation student.

There are two main objectives which this research is investigating.

                        I.         To investigate the possible effect on usage of a smartphone in class on academic performance of a student.

                      II.         To investigate the effect of usage of a smartphone on social behaviour of a student.


1.2  Research Question and Hypotheses

                      I.         Does usage of the smartphone in class result in poor academic performance among foundation students?

                    II.         Does usage of the smartphone in class result in poor social behaviour foundation among student?

Based on the research question above flowing hypotheses is deduced.

                      I.         Usage of smartphone will result in poor academic performance of a student.

                    II.         Overuse of smartphone will reduce sociability of a student.


1.3  Significance of Study

This study is to determine how addiction to cell phone effect academic performance of a student. Besides that, sociability of a student will be determined to find how addiction to cell phone effect a student.  





1.4  Limitation of Study

This research focuses on the foundation students of Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NuMed). All the data collected are from the foundation student, thus findings of this research are unable to reflect the overall population due to a limitation on the respondents. 50 foundation students will be selected to complete the questionnaire. This sample is selected because data collection can be done easily. Furthermore, chances of losing the questionnaire can be minimised. Besides that, data that collected may not be 100% accurate because there might have dishonesty among respondents while answering the questionnaire.


1.5  Conclusion

In this chapter, statement of the problem which addiction on the usage of a smartphone among student will affect their academic performance and the sociability of a student is discussed. The aim of this research is to investigate the consequences of smartphone addiction among students. At last, the sources of data are from NuMed foundation student. Thus, it is unable to represent the overall situation in other institution.