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When Boo Radley was forced to stay inside his house by his father, he became an outcast of Maycomb. Boo Radley ran around with a gang when he was younger. They usually did not get into any trouble but one day they resisted arrest from an old police officer, Mr. Conner. The gang locked him up in the courthouse outhouse. Mr. Conner knew everyone of them and wanted them all arrested. The boys were rounded up and sent off to industrial school, everyone except Boo. Mr. Radley would not let his kid go off to industrial school, he thought it was a disgrace, so instead he came to an agreement with the judge saying that Boo must keep out of trouble. To make this happen Boo was locked up in his house until one day he drove a scissor into his father’s leg, Boo was thirty-three years old at this time. Boo then had to go to jail but, the judge felt bad putting him in cells next to negros so they decided to lock him up in the basement. Though, after a while, the conditions were so bad in the basement that Boo was released, so Mr. Radley took Boo back but made him into a ghost. Boo could have been a normal person in Maycomb but instead his father decided to make sure that he would never get into any trouble again, he did this by keeping Boo inside away from any and all temptations that he may get in the outside world. This method may have kept Boo out of trouble but it also made him an outcast. He did not choose this life for himself but it was forced upon him by a father who thought it was a disgrace to go to industrial school. After his father died Boo had been inside for so long and staying inside was so ingrained into his morals that he did not want to come out. Boo still felt that he was a part of Maycomb because as he sat at his window he could see everything all the way down to the post office. He could see the children running around, he could see Miss Stephanie telling everyone the gossip of the town, he saw everyone walking back from the courthouse. He could see everything. To himself Boo may not have seemed like an outcast but to everyone else he was someone the children used to be scared of and someone the grownups did not talk about. Boo Radley is an outcast of Maycomb because of what his father had done to him. Dolphus Raymond is also an outcast but, he is one because of what he has done to himself. Dolphus Raymond is from an old family who